No Bones About It- Pet Safety Tips For Thanksgiving

by admin on November 7, 2016

No Bones About It- Pet Safety Tips For Thanksgiving

Each year we gather with friends and family to celebrate all we are thankful for. We often forget about our other loved ones with four paws. Pets need to be as important as all of the day’s events. As we celebrate, there will be lots of food and pets always seem to be hungry. There are rules to follow to ensure the safety of your pets for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Dangers To Avoid For Your Pets At Thanksgiving

#1: Never feed undercooked or raw turkey. If you feed turkey, make sure you only feed a small amount. It could contain salmonella bacteria.
#2: Turkey bones are a NO-NO! Keep the bones for the broth. Bones can cause problems in the digestive tract.
#3: Don’t let your pet near the stuffing! It could have sage and essential oils could be poisonous to your pet.
#4: Don’t let your pet play with the wrappings of the food. They can cause intestinal obstruction and are best suited for the trash.
#5: Don’t let your pet around any alcoholic beverages. Even small amounts can be toxic. Remember even fruitcakes and sweets made with rum fall into this category.
#6: Don’t overindulge your pets with food. This will only cause stomach upset.

Thanksgiving is not a NO-NO only holiday for pets. Pets are part of the family and should be involved in the festivities. There are things you can do to make your pets more comfortable.

#1: Have a quiet place for your pet to rest during the festivities.
#2: Make sure your pet has his own special meal. Maybe add some pumpkin as a special treat.
#3: Give your pet some extra love. He may be scared because of the activity surrounding the holiday.

If your pet needs some exercise to keep him active and trim, consider hiring a dog walker during the holidays. Focus on your family and friends and let us take care of your pets.